2023 Woodwork Section
Is shaping up to be the BEST yet!

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What you can see and do at the Show’s Wood Section?

There’s heaps of things to see and do this year in the Woodwork Section.

Ever want to learn about woodturning with a lathe?

There will be at least two wood lathes operating this year. You can come along and watch some really good turners demonstrate how it’s done.

You can ask the questions about that tricky problem that you’ve been having with your own lathe.

You can get information about cost of setting up a lathe in your shed and where to buy the equipment.

You can find out where your nearest wood club is if you want to learn more about turning ‘hands-on’.

Maybe woodcarving is your thing…
There are many examples of woodcarving for you to look at this year. Everything from the ‘small stuff’ whittled with a pocket knife to the ‘big stuff’ done with chain saws and Arbortech power carving tools.

This year Arbortech has a stand which will feature continuous demonstrations on the use of their whole range of wood carving tools.

Or you can watch while Silvio Apponyi (OAM), one of Australia’s most talented carvers turns a log into art with a chain saw (and a few other tools), right before your eyes.

You can chat with guys from the local wood club about learning to carve and get information on the cost of tools from the guys at Carbatec.

Or what about the timber itself?

Otto’s Timber are on site this year with a full range of beautiful timbers for you to have a look at.

You can find out about what various timbers cost, or you can get their advice on which timber would be best suited to your next project.

Then again, maybe you’d like to know about timber finishes…

Otto’s have a range of wax-based finishes you are going to love for those cutting boards at home.

What about protecting wood outdoors you ask?

Nothing easier… just pop around to Hart’s Chandlery and have a look at the really amazing range of glues, resins and varnishes designed to do that very thing.

Perhaps you are a novice to all of this wood stuff… a little unsure about what’s involved.

Never fear, you can have a chat with Taylor from the Adelaide School of Woodwork. He’ll be there with some kiddy and beginner packaged kit products that are easy to learn and will give you confidence to get you started in the wonderful world that is woodworking.

Or you can wander into our ‘in-house’ wood art gallery. The dozens of beautiful wooden works of art are all made by local artists. There is such an incredible range to choose from, you are sure to find something there in your price bracket for yourself or that special someone.

Yep… I reckon if you’re into wood or wooden art you’re going to love this place.

And this year we’ve added even more for you to see and do…

So many times beautiful wood art is enhanced by other materials. This year we’re really fortunate to have a working metal forge. Come and watch as artisan blacksmith Chris Murray hammers out some beautiful metal pieces. Watch this ancient craft brought to life right in front of you.

Or maybe you’d like to do a little bit more than watch…

This year for the first time, we are introducing axe throwing. There is just something about that ‘CHUCK’ sound as the axe finds its mark in the wooden target that you really have to experience to understand. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘…bury the hatchet…’!

Baz and his team will be there to show you how to become a first-class axe throwers in no time. Come out and try this really unique sport.

No matter what your tastes are, there is sure to be something for you at this year’s Port Adelaide Show.