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Community Event of the Year 2023 will be awarded to the Southern Agricultural Society

The Southern Agricultural Society Inc., “Port Elliot Show”, was first held in 1869 and this year was the 143rd show, missing only 11 years since its inception due to floods, fires, two World Wars and Covid. The Show aims to promote the interests of agriculture in the district and provide a platform for residents and other interested parties to display their hobbies and talents.

The two-day event is recognised as the third largest Country Show of the 48 Shows held every year across South Australia, with an attendance in 2023 of 14,000 visitors.

Products and Services required to run the Show are sourced from a wide range of local businesses, while a vast number of volunteers, most of whom are local, are on-site over the show weekend.  The Show is thought to be the largest Private event held on the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula, and is a credit to all involved, while highlighting the wide range of talent of the organisers.

2021 Port Elliot Show

We estimate that approximately 100 extra volunteers will be needed to run this year’s show. Specifically, these people will be Covid Marshalls who will be required on the grounds at all times while the show is open and at times during the week before.

We also need volunteers who will be “checkers”, counting those entering and exiting the grounds or pavilions to ensure that we do not exceed the number of visitors allowed at any one time.

Obviously, we don’t expect people to be on duty all day, so rosters will be available to let people know when and where around the grounds, their assistance is required.

Hence, if you are a Covid Marshall or willing to be a “checker” during the show, or willing to volunteer with any other activity, please let us know by contacting me as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Gayle (VP1 / Secretary)

Kitchen Stories Album

How often do we say, Mum/Dad/Grandma/Pop used to make the most delicious this or that and I wonder how they made them or what happened to that special recipe?

What about special family times around the meal table when hilarious things would regularly happen e.g. stories, jokes, favourite radio programs on at the same time, a family member’s odd behaviour or even when parents rule was always strictly enforced!!!

Don’t let those wonderful memories and details be lost forever. Instead, record them for yourself, other family members and perhaps later for the album to be passed onto their loved ones.

Enclose details of such recipes, new and old, even if handwritten and containing butter stains, adding to their character.

Importantly, recipes will NOT be tested as judging will be based on the album’s presentation only.

Why not include photos, names and other items that might help tell the stories and add to the album’s content and presentation. Importantly, where appropriate explain whom/what you are referring to, so anyone else reading your album in the future can easily put details into context.

Please download the full flyer here for more information.

2017 Show a Huge Success

The Hon. R.L. BROKENSHIRE (15:57):. I rise in this matter of interest today to talk about agricultural shows and in particular on this occasion the Port Elliot Show. The Port Elliot Show was held recently on 7 and 8 October. It is a two-day show and it is a feature show now for the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Many years ago, my hometown and others in the district had shows as well. Unfortunately, we have seen a shrinkage of shows, but both the Port Elliot Show, the Strathalbyn Show and the Yankalilla Show are still very good successes and attract a lot of support.

I want to congratulate the whole committee. I know that the chair and all of the committee work very, very hard throughout the whole year. I particularly congratulate Gayle Garrett, the secretary. Having had my wife and children involved in a lot of different committees, I know it is the secretary that ends up having the heaviest role in background support to the requirements of the committee to get the shows happening each year.

Unfortunately this year, as it turned out, I was not able to attend the Port Elliot Show, but I did appreciate the invitation. However, since the show I have talked to a number of people who have said that this was one of the most successful agricultural shows that they had been to and that they thought that particularly the Port Elliot one this year was an outstanding success.

Unlike last year, when I was able to attend and a decision was made, because it was such a wet year and a wet period at that time, to cancel it, the weather was superb for the two days, and it was reported to me that they had extremely good crowds. I understand that those who had stalls there were also pleased with the day.

The Port Elliott show was established in 1869; it has been going for a very long time, and I am confident it will go for a long time into the future. One thing that did disappoint me was the cutting of funding through the primary industries minister, the Hon. Leon Bignell, to the shows right across South Australia. I think, from memory, it was around $40,000 a year that PIRSA was making available for these shows – an incredibly small amount of money in the big scheme of things, but that money was distributed across country South Australia to assist with the running of these shows, to assist with supporting trophies and other requirements of each individual show.

When you see the exorbitant waste the government is guilty of on a regular basis here in the parliament – reports that we read in the media and information we receive from colleagues – for it to be penny pinching and cutting $40,000 from the shows is just unacceptable.

The Hon. R.L. BROKENSHIRE: Some of the ministers would spend that sort of money just in business class fights overseas in one year. But that money is important and, as we head towards the election, I will be calling on the government and the opposition to reinstate that small but very important amount of money.

We need to keep the social fabric of our country strong. Shows are one of the ways of doing that as they bring the community together with the agricultural sectors and those who are involved in horse events, and the like. When I was younger, I used to help with my father-in-law’s stud, because he was always keen to support the Port Elliott show, and I remember going down there and grooming and leading the cows through the shows at Port Elliott, which was always a lot of fun. Sometimes we came back with some great ribbons for some of the best cows in the herd.

It brings young and older people together, and gives kids the chance to have a bit of fun with their families. It is time that there was a refocus on the importance of these shows and just what they do for country South Australia, particularly in our area on the Fleurieu Peninsula, where we have the advantage of being able to offer city people the chance to bring their children and families to experience country life.

A lot of that does occur, with people travelling from Adelaide to Port Elliott and other shows on the Fleurieu Peninsula, and I wish them much success into the future and encourage the hardworking volunteers on the committees. It is an enormous amount of effort they put in to continue that, but these shows are important to country South Australia and to all South Australians.


Plans are well in hand for a terrific show this year to celebrate our 140th Anniversary. All of our indoor and outdoor sections will again be run, with Literary being reintroduced into the indoor section.

Memberships – Adults and Juniors
Become a member of the show society for a cost of $10 for adults and $5 for juniors and receive show book information earlier than it is released to the public. Contact our Secretary for membership forms (details below).

As usual volunteers are needed to ensure the smooth running of the event, so if you are interested please contact our secretary, Gayle on or M: 0419 494 275.


It is such a pleasure to be able to report on “THE BEST PORT ELLIOT SHOW YET”. Saturday and Sunday saw superb weather albeit Saturday started with a very cold Southerly wind, dark grey skies and drizzle, but by 10.30 a.m. the skies started to clear and by 11 a.m. the weather could not have been better for the weekend.

6-7 rings for The Dog Show on Saturday saw some beautiful animals on display and involved in competition and visitors took the opportunity to walk onto the oval and around the rings to see the animals “up close” and speak to competitors about any breeds they may have been interested in.

The Horse Show on Sunday was terrific with the show jumping section this year stealing the show. The talent and power shown by these beautiful animals is amazing. The Hacks and Show Hunters were great to watch with animals groomed to perfection and riders looking equally impressive. Those youngsters in the encourage sections also put on a display they can be proud of, as I’m sure their mums and dads were on the day. It was terrific to see a harness section take to the oval on Saturday albeit as yet only small entries. The side saddle on Sunday was also another popular section for spectators to watch.

The exhibits around the grounds were terrific with a record 900+ indoor entries (excluding photography numbers). The Basham Pavilion (home to most of our indoor exhibits) with the new white paintwork and display cabinets was a pleasure to visit with room for people to move around easily to view all items, the quality of which was of a very high standard. The Michael Scott Pavilion was home to Art and Jnr Art and there were some great works on view. The Woodwork section also located in the Scott building provided a record number of entries with some beautiful pieces of a very high quality being shown. Once again the Photography on show in the Higgins Pavilion was captivating with 500+ beautiful photos on show. There is no doubt that there are some very talented photographers on the Fluerieu Peninsula and I must commend the junior entrants as well, as their work was of a very high standard.

All outdoor exhibits were equally impressive with increased numbers in beef cattle where some very impressive animals were on display. Sheep, and poultry, were also a hit with visitors as were the amazing display of Utes of all types and ages on the oval, with again a large number of entries. The scarecrow section also saw some quality exhibits. The miniature goats, at the show for the first time this year were also very popular.

The variety of goods for sale through the trade stalls on site was extensive be it food or goods, and the continuous entertainment around the grounds over both days was very entertaining.

The Southern Fleurieu Historical Museum which is housed in the Coote Pavilion was visited by many show patrons who enjoyed the displays of historical agricultural/farming equipemnt of the area and the new “Farm Shed” building housed a selection of tractors of truly historical significance, as well as other museum items. If you haven’t been into the museum area as yes, don’t miss it, it really is special with not only agricultural displays but costumes from times gone by and a marvellous dairy display. To be noted is the fact that the SFHM won the 2017 SA Legendairy title this year.

An apt description of the 2017 show: “What a Beauty!”

Gayle – Secretary, Southern Agricultural Society Inc.

Southern Fleurieu Historical Museum News

“Legendairy” National Competition
Congratulations to the SFH Museum for being a finalist in the National competition and winning Port Elliot the title of “Legendairy Capital of South Australia”.
The SFH Museum’s plan to build a permanent dairy exhibit won the town the title. Deane Perry (Museum President) told the Stock Journal “For people who come off the farm in retirement it gives them a sense of purpose and a sense their skills can be recognised in an appropriate manner”. We should applaud our members efforts in raising the focus of Port Elliot and its over 120 year connection with the dairy industry. Dairy Australia has visited Port Elliot and the Museum and a National Winner will be announced in due course.


Port Elliot Show is currently ranked approx. 4th largest in SA of 48 agricultural shows, and as you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for an agricultural show that last year was attended over the two days by just under 11,000 people.   We are looking for volunteers to help in all manner of ways, in a multitude of activities. For example; with our All Breeds Dog Show that is held on Saturday, we will have five rings in action throughout the day and need help on the Friday before the show to set up the rings, small marquees, tables and chairs etc.  During the dog show itself we need people to assist in the smooth running of the show.  

After the show on the Saturday afternoon the whole set-up has to be dismantled and the rings prepared for the horses in action held on Sunday.  This includes roping off areas, setting up the jumps for our wonderful Show Jumping, the Show Horse events, which like the show jumping are qualification events for the Royal Adelaide, and the Novice Sections.  As well we will be looking for many hands to assist on the Sunday with the horses, stewarding, being on the field helping to re-erect jumps if knocked down etc. After the horse show finishes on the Sunday afternoon, again dismantling of all equipment takes place with everything being packed away.

Of major importance, albeit sounding very drab, we are looking for people who would be willing to direct traffic on and around the show grounds.  Even though we have our gate people in attendance, we have found for example, if a dog/horse float lines up at the incorrect gate to enter the grounds, by the time it reaches the gate itself, because of the amount of traffic in the area, the vehicle cannot reverse out of the line and go to the correct gate.  This impacts very negatively on the traffic flow within the show grounds with these vehicles impeding the general flow of traffic and indeed in some instances causing hold-ups that take some time to clear.  If we had a couple of people working with the gate people who could direct vehicles to the correct gates while they are lined up prior to them actually reaching the entry gates, the smooth flow of traffic on the grounds would be increased dramatically.   This activity happens mainly first thing of a morning.

There are many other ways in which volunteers are needed so if you are interested, please keep an eye on this website as we will be posting more specific details about help we require in the next couple of months. If you are already interested please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Gayle – Secretary / M: 0419 494 275 or E: