Kitchen Stories Album

How often do we say, Mum/Dad/Grandma/Pop used to make the most delicious this or that and I wonder how they made them or what happened to that special recipe?

What about special family times around the meal table when hilarious things would regularly happen e.g. stories, jokes, favourite radio programs on at the same time, a family member’s odd behaviour or even when parents rule was always strictly enforced!!!

Don’t let those wonderful memories and details be lost forever. Instead, record them for yourself, other family members and perhaps later for the album to be passed onto their loved ones.

Enclose details of such recipes, new and old, even if handwritten and containing butter stains, adding to their character.

Importantly, recipes will NOT be tested as judging will be based on the album’s presentation only.

Why not include photos, names and other items that might help tell the stories and add to the album’s content and presentation. Importantly, where appropriate explain whom/what you are referring to, so anyone else reading your album in the future can easily put details into context.

Please download the full flyer here for more information.