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Silvio Apponyi

We are incredibly fortunate to have Silvio Apponyi appearing at this year’s Port Elliot Show. While Silvio is certainly one of the best carver/sculptors in Australia at the moment, there are some in the Australian Art world that consider him to be one of our country’s best kept secrets!

Silvio has had multiple commissions from every Australian government at the state and federal level, including work for Parliament House in Canberra. He pieces of public art adorn hundreds of cities and business foyers all over the world and his work is found in dozens of galleries across our state and beyond.

If that isn’t enough, Silvio was awarded the Order of Australia medal in 2020 for ‘his service to the visual arts as a sculptor’, yet the majority of Australians don’t recognise his name.

Well, if his name is unfamiliar to you, his work certainly won’t be. If you need a local referent, how about the Whale-Tail fountain in Victor Harbor, or the Little Fairy Penguin bronzes on Granite Island at the end of the causeway, or the seal carved onto of one of those granite boulders at the water’s edge, about halfway between the causeway and the horse tram terminus.

Just this year Silvio completed a stunning 5 metre Southern Right Whale red gum sculpture of ‘Buttons’ and her calf ‘Bobby’ Buttons is a whale who has returned 3 times to our shores over the years, to give birth and raise calves in the local whale nursery off Basham’s beach. You’ll find the sculpture well worth a visit.

This year Silvio will be carving a variety of objects in the grassed court area next to the Woodwork (Michael Scott) pavilion. Come on out to the Show for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch a master of this calibre at work. Check out some of Silvio’s wonderful work here:


Are you a woodworking enthusiast searching for the ultimate haven to nurture your craft? Look no further than Carbatec, Australia’s leading family-owned woodworking hand tools and machinery supplier. With our unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and unmatched customer service, we have become the trusted name in the woodworking community.

As proud supporters of the Port Elliot Show, we are thrilled to provide the First Prize for all Woodwork Competition categories. Join us this year at our dedicated booth, where you’ll witness a stunning display of our woodworking products and an extensive range of tools available for purchase. Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to demonstrate essential techniques, share valuable tips and tricks, and guide you on your woodworking journey.

By stopping by our booth, you can enter to win an exclusive Carbatec prize! It’s your chance to own a piece of woodworking excellence and elevate your craftsmanship to new heights.

Ready to take your woodworking endeavours to the next level? Explore our rich online store and discover a treasure trove of premium woodworking tools and machinery. For video tutorials, inspiration, and in-depth knowledge, head over to our YouTube Channel.

And for a glimpse into the world of woodworking trends and insights, our Home Page website is a must-visit. or

We invite you to join us at the Port Elliott Show, where passion meets craftsmanship. Together, let’s carve a masterpiece that stands the test of time!

The Adelaide School of Woodwork

Established mid 2019 by Adelaide woodworker Taylor McLean, The Adelaide School of
Woodwork exists to provide students of zero to little woodworking experience the skills, knowledge & techniques they need to complete projects with success and confidence.

Taylor says, “Our mission is simple- provide you the classes, timber & tools you’ll need to have fun woodworking! We’re here to help you give it a go and have a great time while doing so. Our promise to you is that you’ll leave every session with a new skill and have a great experience.”

At the Port Elliot show this year Taylor will be bringing along a range of adult and children’s project kits and offering some demonstrations along the way. Make sure you make some time to drop into his site in the Woodwork pavilion courtyard and have a look at the projects he has on offer. Better yet, have a go yourself!

To find out more about the Adelaide School of Woodwork and what they offer, visit them here:

Tony Carbone – Wood Artist and Craftsman

Tony Carbone has been a woodworker for decades, as a builder, a maker of wooden furniture and art and as a dedicated teacher of woodwork to kids in schools. Tony’s done it all.

This year Tony is bringing the culmination of all his experience to the Port Elliot Show in a range of top-quality wooden objects both beautiful and practical. Come and meet him and see the amazing range of special hand-made wooden cutting and presentation boards, carved art works and novelties. There almost certainly will be something there for you… and if not have a chat with Tony about a special commission piece just for you or that special someone.

Have a look at some of Tony’s work on his Facebook page.


Some say these guys are the inventors of ‘Power Carving’. They certainly have been a major force in bringing the art of woodcarving within the reach of thousands of aspiring wood artists and even professional woodworks and builders. The invention and manufacture of these unique Australian tools has revolutionised woodcarving, especially in Australia, where the beautiful but densely hard timbers once made working with conventional tools a long and arduous process.

In 1983, Kevin Inkster set out to create a sculpted wooden chair, playing around with the idea of fitting a crude disc attachment to his angle grinder instead of using a chainsaw. This has grown to the point that today, Arbortech is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative tools, beloved the world over by those looking for function, inspiration or both.

As founder and CEO Kevin says, “Play is more important than work. If they can be the same thing, then that’s the perfect scenario.”

Come out and see the whole range of Arbortech woodworking tools demonstrated live by a group of really enthusiastic local wood artists. Have a chat with them and watch what they can do with these amazing tools. It might just get your own creative juices going!

Check out the company and its range of products here:

Otto Timber

The Otto name has been synonymous with quality and exotic timbers in Adelaide for decades. A 100% South Australian owned and operated business, they are passionate about supporting local businesses and organisations.

They believe that everyone’s impact on the environment is important and as such they only stock timber that has FSC and/or PEFC certification guaranteeing a product that you can be assured is sourced ethically and sustainably. They have an extensive range of premium quality timbers in a wide variety of sizes. There’s sure to be something for your next project.

Come out and meet the friendly team at the Show for some timber bargains or check out their website by clicking here to find out more:

Hart’s Chandlery

Located at 237 Liverpool Rd, Goolwa in the Captain Sturt Marina, Captain Sturt Boat Supplies was purchased by Don Hart and his partner Linda in November 2019 and the business name evolved to became Hart’s Chandlery. The chandlery provides a broad range of quality marine supplies, yacht fittings, stainless steel and brass fastenings and fixtures as well as nautical decor.

And what has this to do with woodwork? Well, Don and Linda carry an extensive range of marine finishes for wooden boats in addition to a variety of resins, both of which are of considerable interest to woodworkers. They already supply epoxy resins (casting and finishing) and a range of timber care products to local and regional wood workers and timber boat builders.

Protecting wooden creations from the harsh Aussie climate can be a complicated business but Don and Linda have it sorted. No matter what your application, they are sure to have just what you need to keep your wood projects safe from deterioration for many years to come.

Make sure you take the time to have a chat with them at this year’s show. You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your wood project. Now talk to the people who can help you keep it in pristine condition. Find out more on Facebook at Captain Sturt Boat Supplies or website:

Fleurieu Wood Turners

Fleurieu Woodturners was started in 2013 by Dennis Murray and Steve Franz to encourage woodturners on the Fleurieu Peninsula to improve their skills and knowledge. Since those days, the Club has broadened its skills base to include other woodcrafts such as carving, scroll sawing, pyrography and small joinery.

The Club is a warm and welcoming place. Membership includes all ages and upwards of 30% of the members are women. The Club is also focused on regular training of its members and includes markets and other events like the Port Elliot Show to give up-and-coming wood artists the chance to sell their creations in a safe and supportive environment.

The members will be demonstrating a variety of woodworking skills and there will be a wood art gallery on site in the Woodworking pavilion (Michael Scott building). If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at woodworking, come to the Show and have a chat with the team or watch them create wood art live on site. Or visit the gallery and buy that really unique special something for that one-of-a-kind special someone.

For more on the Club visit their website

Encounter Centre Wooden Toy Factory

When it comes to high quality, locally crafted, wooden toys look no further than the Wooden Toy Factory at the Encounter Centre. We are excited to bring our range of toys to the Port Elliot Show for another year. From cars and trains to money boxes and dollhouses we have a toy that every child (and their parents!) will love.

Click here for a look at our range.

Since 1974, what is now the Encounter Centre, has been a place for people to create, learn, and grow. Our amazing team of volunteers work away in the factory cutting, sanding, joining, and painting high quality timber to make unique and durable toys that outclass their plastic counterparts. They are locally crafted from sustainable wood sources making them a perfect choice for an environmentally conscientious family. They also come with the added benefit that the proceeds from these toys help to fund the good work of our community centre in Encounter Bay.

In addition, we offer programs for people living with a disability, providing support to increase social interaction and build skills to create more independence.
We also have a plant nursery which is also open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm at 42 Armstrong Road, run by our volunteers and providing great quality plants at a value price, as well as other garden items.

If you have an interest in our plant nursery, woodworking, painting or even marketing and sales we would love you to consider joining our team of volunteers. Email or call 08 8552 2995 to find out more.

Come visit us at the 2023 Port Elliot Show in October 7th & 8th. Look for us in the Woodwork pavilion.

Sunflower Forge - Chris Murray South Australian Bespoke Kitchen Knives

Inspired by traditional Japanese artistry and techniques, Chris started his journey with a small coal forge in his back yard. What started as tinkering has quickly progressed to a passion for creating bespoke kitchen cutlery, Chef knives and hand forged black smithed pieces.

Based in Adelaide’s southern beaches, Chris draws inspiration from the South Australian coastline, his love of the outdoors and a fascination with playing with fire. This is apparent in his use of sustainably sourced/ foraged Australian timbers as well as selected exotic timber. His love of Nature combined with his appreciation for Japanese traditional workmanship has created a unique fusion of style and functional artistry.

Chris pays special sentimental homage to his roots by adopting the sunflower as his motif, touch mark and symbol. Sunflowers have long been a symbol of positivity, they are in their physical form strong, independent and proud, a metaphor for dispelling the hard masculine façade and embracing a softer side. For Chris they are a cherished childhood memory reminiscent of wild sunflowers of regional South Australia.

As a member of the Australian Knife Art Association and a member of Artist Blacksmith Association South Australia, Chris is of the belief that progression and learning are key to growth and quality in his work.

Sunflower Forge on Facebook
Sunflower Forge on Instagram

Chop It Axe Throwing Alley, Victor Harbor

Welcome to Chop It Axe Throwing Alley and games cafe, located in Victor Harbor, South Australia.

Chop It, brings the latest craze in axe throwing to the Fleurieu Peninsula, with this adrenaline-fueled activity guaranteed to get your heart racing – one throw and you’ll be hooked!

No experience? No problem! Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by one of their expert instructors who will take you through all safety procedures before you get started.
And when you need a break, their new food and drinks menu delivers the goods.
So why wait? It’s time to give boredom the chop and experience the excitement of axe throwing at Chop It.

You can book your visit or if you prefer, the gang at Chop It can bring the axe throwing to you with a four-lane mobile axe throwing set up available. They will supply everything you need at the outdoor location of your choice. An amazing and unique addition to a festival, birthday party, wedding, anniversary, reunion or any other outdoor event. Check out their stall in the Woodwork court of the Show this year or visit their website!

Joel Shayer - Pilot Plastics Company

Pilot Plastics Co. was founded as a family-owned manufacturer in 1946 in the industrial district of lower Manhattan in New York City. The company designed, produced and marketed a line of unique, internally hand carved, costume jewellery, accessories, adornments and gift items, created from crystal clear sheets and blocks of solid acrylic plastics. This was a newly developed material at that time flooding the market as war surplus, after its use in the aircraft industry as gun turret domes on U.S. Air Force bombers during World War II.

The company’s product lines were based on the superb talents of two master carvers who produced all of the myriad of jewellery pieces, as well as the larger scenes and objects (floral and animal) in the larger items using palm-sized electric hand drills with bits not much thicker than sewing needles. Many of the special use drill bits were so unique and purpose-specific, they were not commercially available and were therefore hand made at the factory as they were needed.

These raw carvings, the ‘blanks’ as they were called, then had the small details hand painted and the voids filled with tinted Plaster of Paris, before most pieces had a thin, opaque back plate affixed. Each piece was then sanded and bevelled into its final shape and polished to its full lustre.

Though these pieces were made some 75 years ago they retain a surprisingly fine lustre and clarity, considering the tendency of clear acrylics to fade and discolour over time.

Every step of the production operation was done by hand, start to finish, and this unique line of jewellery and accessories was produced for several years, until the carvers retired, and the company moved into the advertising display design and production market.

This collection represents the remaining inventory of a unique family enterprise.