Rules and Regulations

  1. The Society accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions in the Show Book.
  2. On Show days, no one will be permitted entry to the grounds unless they produce a show ticket or can prove they are an Authorised Official.
  3. Anyone wishing to leave the grounds and return may obtain a pass from the gatekeepers.
  4. The Society will take every reasonable care to ensure that the grounds are in a safe condition, however some animals, exhibits, displays and structures may cause injury, so we ask everyone to take every possible care whilst on the Show Grounds.
  5. The Society reserves the right to report to the relevant authority and/ or remove from the Show Grounds any person/s who in the opinion of the Society, behave in an improper manner.
  6. Any owner, rider or exhibitor refusing to obey any reasonable order/ direction of the Convener/Steward in charge of that section may have his or her exhibit/entry withdrawn by the relevant authority and be disqualified from this Show in future.
  7. No dogs are permitted on the Show Grounds, with the exception of those involved in obedience demonstrations and/or registered companion dogs. Those involved in competition and/or demonstrations are to remain in their designated area once they arrive at the Show Grounds.
  8. Protests regarding any Judge’s decision must be received by the Secretary by 2 pm on the last day of the Show accompanied by a $30 fee which shall be retained by the Society if the protest is deemed frivolous. In such matters the Disputes Committee’s decision is final. For Horse protests see website.
  9. All entries are accepted subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Society.
  10. Juniors are those 13 yrs and under. Young Adults 14-16 years, those 17 & over to enter Open sections.
  11. The Society will not accept any responsibility for the condition of items sent by an exhibitor via post.
  12. Unless stated otherwise in individual sections Professionals and/or Teachers are not eligible to enter exhibits.
  13. The Convener has the right to add and/or change classes within their section each year.
  14. Entries in all classes must be made on the forms provided in the show book or via the website: Photocopied forms from the show book are also acceptable, and/or contact Secretary.
  15. A separate form must be used for each section and exhibitors are encouraged to enter early. Names, addresses to be clearly written on all forms.
  16. Entries may be received in the name of two or more persons.
  17. The closing date for entries specified in each section will be strictly adhered to.
  18. No late entries, phone entries or unwritten entries will be accepted unless otherwise noted by the Section.
  19. If an item is entered into an incorrect class on the entry form, the Convener will determine the correct class prior to judging.
  20. All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor and must be grown or made by them. The Co-ordinator/Convener reserves the right to refuse any entry not meeting these criteria.
  21. Exhibits that have previously won FIRST PRIZE at the Port Elliot Show are ineligible to compete.
  22. Every possible care and ample exhibit space will be provided, but no responsibility will be incurred by the Society for any loss or damage of exhibits during the Show.
  23. No indoor exhibitor’s name will appear on any exhibit until after judging is finalised.
  24. With the exception of Show Officials no entry to the indoor pavilion will be permitted during the judging process. Only Judges, the Co-ordinator, Conveners and/or Stewards are to be in the pavilion.
  25. No prize will be awarded unless an exhibit is deemed worthy by the judges, who may award second and third prizes in lieu of first and second.
  26. The Judge’s decision is final.
  27. Except where stipulated, no exhibits, ribbons, trophies or prizes shall be removed before 4 pm on the Sunday of the Show. Unless otherwise specified, all exhibitors must present their exhibit receipt at the time of collection.
  28. Unless by prior arrangement all prizes, monies and exhibits not collected by 5.30 p.m. on the Sunday of the Show will be forfeited.
  29. If at any time within twelve months following the Show, it comes to the attention of the Management Committee that a prize has been awarded to anyone not so entitled, the Committee can take steps to recover the prize, including any monies. Further disciplinary action may ensue.
  30. Space will be allocated for sideshows and trade stalls and proprietors must have appropriate Public Liability Insurance and Safety Inspection Certificates where appropriate, and have paid the relevant show fees for the site.
  31. All electrical cords and equipment must have a current test and tag attached.
  32. Should any vendor refuse to follow the directions of the WHS officer on site they may be asked to vacate the Show Grounds.
  33. No one is allowed in the show ring or judging areas except for Judges, Conveners, Stewards, and persons attending to stock.
  34. Horses to remain in the area allocated by the Society.
  35. The owner of any animal breaking loose may receive a $100 fine.
  36. All vehicles containing horse/ livestock entries must proceed to the allocated parking area, immediately after unloading.
  37. If clarification is required pertaining to any of the Rules and Regulations contact the individual section Convener.
  38. The Society reserves the right to refuse an entry or exhibit.
  39. No private vehicles are permitted to enter the Show Grounds unless a Port Elliot Show Parking Permit can be produced.

No entry will be received from any person disqualified by any Society in this Association, or by the Southern Country Shows Association, during the period of such disqualification. Should an entry be accepted it shall, when discovered, be deemed void and the entry fee may be forfeited.