(Passing on traditional family recipes and special memories of times together around the meal table)

How often do we say “Grandma, Mum or another family member used to cook the most delicious this or that”? What about other special memories of family times around the table at mealtime?

Don’t let those precious memories and details be lost forever, instead record them for yourself, other family members and theirs. Start creating your own family record and enter your exhibit album in this year’s show. See entry details below.

Exhibit Conditions, Information and Entry Details

  • Only individuals hand work will be accepted, NOT other more professional materials/models available for purchase (Snapfish, Reddit or momento).
  • Recipes included will NOT be tested, instead, the exhibit will be judged on the album’s presentation/appearance only.
  • Content can either be handwritten or typed and no more than 20 A4 pages
  • Exhibit must be presented in the form of an album, not loose pages.
  • Recipes and/or photos used must be securely enclosed.

As this album is limited to 20 pages, there is no reason why exhibitors can’t continue to create a second volume and perhaps even enter that in the 2019 show? However, only one volume must be entered in the 2018 show.

The sky is the limit and a great opportunity to use your own creativity!!! Where appropriate, include photos or other items that might further enhance the album’s appearance and your story. Why not even include any special handwritten recipes and don’t worry if it has butter stains as it will add to the album’s character!!! Remember, both the judge and anyone reading your information needs some description of photos, times shared around the meal table and recipes.

Exhibitors will need to complete an Indoor Exhibit Entry Form that will be available on the show’s website mid-August and also available in the 2018 Port Elliot Show Book at the same time.

Please note your exhibit entry will need to be dropped off to the Port Elliot Showground’s on Friday 5th October between 8.30a.m – 11.30a.m. for judging and to be left on view over show weekend. Albums will be able to be collected on show Sunday afternoon from 4.00 p.m.

If you wish, you can deliver your album on an equivalent size book stand for display purposes however, this is not essential

If you have any questions please contact Patsy Greer (Cookery Convener) preferably via email or Telephone – 8552 5890